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Watch or Download Kannadi (2019) Tamil Movie | Isaimini

Kannadi Movie Download 2019 Isaimini: A Risky Way to Watch a Thriller

If you are a fan of Tamil horror movies, you might have heard of Kannadi, a 2019 film that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat with its suspenseful plot and unexpected twists. But if you are tempted to watch this movie by downloading it from Isaimini, a piracy website that offers free movie downloads, you might want to think twice. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Kannadi, Isaimini, and the legal and ethical issues of downloading movies from such websites.

Kannadi: A Tamil Horror Movie with a Twist

Kannadi is a Tamil-language horror movie that was released in 2019. It is directed by Caarthick Raju and stars Sundeep Kishan, Anya Singh, Poornima Bhagyaraj, and Karunakaran in the lead roles. The movie is also dubbed in Telugu as Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene.

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The story of Kannadi revolves around a young couple, Arjun (Sundeep Kishan) and Madhavi (Anya Singh), who move into a new apartment after their marriage. However, they soon start experiencing strange and terrifying events that seem to be connected to a mirror in their bedroom. As they try to unravel the mystery behind the mirror, they discover that they are not the only ones who are affected by it. There is a dark secret that links their past, present, and future, and they have to face it before it destroys them.

Kannadi is not your typical horror movie that relies on jump scares and gore. It is a psychological thriller that explores themes such as trauma, guilt, revenge, and redemption. The movie has a nonlinear narrative that keeps the viewers guessing until the end. The movie also has some impressive visual effects and sound design that create a haunting atmosphere.

Kannadi received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the movie for its originality, creativity, and performances, while others criticized it for its confusing plot, weak script, and slow pace. The movie was also compared to other horror movies such as Oculus, Mirrors, and Prema Katha Chitram. The movie had a moderate performance at the box office, earning around 5 crore worldwide.

Isaim Isaimini: A Piracy Website that Offers Free Movie Downloads

Isaimini is a website that allows users to download movies for free. It mainly offers Tamil movies, but also has other regional and Bollywood movies, as well as Hollywood movies dubbed in Tamil. The website also provides songs, ringtones, wallpapers, and trailers.

Isaimini works by uploading the movies from various sources, such as cam recordings, DVD rips, or web rips. The website does not host the movies on its own servers, but provides links to other file-sharing platforms, such as Google Drive, Mega, or Torrent. The website also changes its domain name frequently to avoid detection and blocking by the authorities.

To access Isaimini and download movies from it, users need to have a VPN service or a proxy server that can bypass the geo-restrictions and firewall settings. Users can then search for the movie they want by using the categories, genres, or year of release. Users can also request for a movie that is not available on the website. Once the user finds the movie they want, they can click on the download link and choose the quality and format they prefer. The download process may take some time depending on the speed of the internet connection and the size of the file.

The Legal and Ethical Issues of Downloading Movies from Isaimini

Downloading movies from Isaimini is not only risky, but also illegal and unethical. There are several legal and ethical issues that arise from using such websites, and they are as follows:

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  • Legal issues: Downloading movies from Isaimini violates the intellectual property rights of the movie makers and owners. It is an act of piracy, which is a criminal offense in many countries. Piracy can result in legal actions, such as lawsuits, fines, or imprisonment. For example, in India, piracy is punishable by up to three years of jail time or a fine of up to 10 lakh. In the US, piracy can lead to up to five years of prison or a fine of up to $250,000. In the UK, piracy can cause up to 10 years of imprisonment or an unlimited fine.

  • Ethical issues: Downloading movies from Isaimini is also morally wrong, as it harms the movie industry and the people who work in it. It deprives them of their rightful income and recognition. It also discourages them from making more quality movies in the future. Moreover, downloading movies from Isaimini is unfair to the other movie lovers who pay for their tickets or subscriptions to watch movies legally. It also affects the quality and experience of watching movies, as the pirated versions are often low in resolution, audio, or subtitles.

Alternatives to Downloading Movies from Isaimini

Instead of downloading movies from Isaimini, there are many legal and ethical ways to watch Kannadi and other movies online or offline. Some of them are:

  • Streaming services: Streaming services are platforms that offer online access to a variety of movies and shows for a monthly or yearly fee. Some of the popular streaming services are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5, SonyLIV, and Aha. Streaming services have many advantages, such as high-quality content, original and exclusive titles, multiple languages and subtitles options, offline downloads, and user-friendly interfaces. However, streaming services also have some drawbacks, such as limited availability of some titles, regional restrictions, internet dependency, and subscription costs.

  • Rental platforms: Rental platforms are websites or apps that allow users to rent or buy movies online for a fixed period or price. Some of the well-known rental platforms are YouTube Movies, Google Play Movies & TV , iTunes, and Voot Select. Rental platforms have the benefit of offering a wide range of movies, including the latest releases, at affordable prices. They also have the option of downloading the movies for offline viewing. However, rental platforms also have some limitations, such as time restrictions, device compatibility, and payment methods.

  • Physical media: Physical media are the traditional ways of watching movies offline, such as DVDs, Blu-rays, or CDs. Physical media have the advantage of being durable, portable, and collectible. They also have the feature of bonus content, such as behind-the-scenes, interviews, or deleted scenes. However, physical media also have some disadvantages, such as high costs, storage space, and device requirements.


Kannadi is a Tamil horror movie that offers a unique and thrilling experience to the viewers. However, downloading it from Isaimini is not a wise or ethical choice. Isaimini is a piracy website that violates the intellectual property rights of the movie makers and owners. It also exposes the users to legal and moral risks and consequences. There are many alternatives to downloading movies from Isaimini, such as streaming services, rental platforms, or physical media. These alternatives are legal and ethical ways to watch Kannadi and other movies online or offline. They also provide better quality and experience to the movie lovers. Therefore, we urge you to avoid using Isaimini and support the movie industry by watching movies legally and ethically.


What is the meaning of Kannadi?

Kannadi is a Tamil word that means mirror. It is also the title




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