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The Ultimate Guide to Download Zambian Music 2023: Discover New Talents and Genres

Download Zambian Music 2023: A Guide to the Best Songs and Platforms

Zambia is a landlocked country in Southern Africa with a rich and diverse musical heritage. Zambian music reflects the influences of various cultures and genres, from traditional African rhythms to modern pop and rap sounds. Whether you are looking for upbeat dance tunes, soulful ballads, or hard-hitting rap bars, you will find something to suit your taste in Zambian music.

But how can you download Zambian music in 2023? What are the best songs and platforms to enjoy this vibrant musical scene? In this article, we will give you a guide to downloading Zambian music in 2023, covering the following topics:

download zambian music 2023

  • Zambian music genres and history

  • Zambian music awards and achievements

  • Zambian music streaming platforms and downloads

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of Zambian music and how to download it in 2023.

Zambian Music Genres and History


One of the most distinctive genres of Zambian music is Zam-Rock, which stands for Zambian Rock 'n' Roll. Zam-Rock emerged in the 1970s as a fusion of traditional African music and psychedelic rock, garage rock, hard rock, blues, and funk. Zam-Rock was inspired by popular bands like Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, James Brown, and Osibisa.

Zam-Rock was more than just a musical style; it was also a rebellious sub-culture that defied conservative norms and expressed social discontent. Zam-Rock bands often wore flamboyant outfits, sported afros and dread Some of the most famous Zam-Rock bands were Witch, Amanaz, Ngozi Family, Musi-O-Tunya, and Rikki Ililonga. Their songs often dealt with themes like love, politics, spirituality, and social issues. Zam-Rock reached its peak in the mid-1970s, but declined in the late 1970s due to economic and political turmoil, as well as the rise of disco and reggae music. However, Zam-Rock has experienced a revival in recent years, thanks to the efforts of collectors, labels, and fans who have rediscovered and reissued the rare and obscure records of this genre.


Kalindula is another genre of Zambian music that emerged in the 1970s. Kalindula is a type of dance music that features guitars, drums, and vocals. The name Kalindula comes from a type of bass drum that is used in this genre. Kalindula is influenced by various musical traditions, such as rumba, soukous, highlife, and kwela.

Kalindula is popular among rural and urban audiences alike, as it reflects the everyday experiences and aspirations of Zambians. Kalindula songs often tell stories about love, marriage, family, work, politics, and social issues. Some of the most renowned Kalindula artists are Paul Ngozi, PK Chishala, Serenje Kalindula Band, Mashombe Blue Jeans, and Amayenge.

Zed Beats and Zed Hip-Hop

Zed Beats and Zed Hip-Hop are two contemporary genres of Zambian music that are influenced by R&B, pop, and rap music. Zed Beats are catchy and upbeat songs that blend local and international sounds, while Zed Hip-Hop are rap songs that showcase lyrical skills and social commentary. Both genres have gained popularity among the youth and urban audiences in Zambia and beyond.

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Zed Beats and Zed Hip-Hop artists often collaborate with each other and with artists from other African countries. Some of the most prominent Zed Beats and Zed Hip-Hop artists are Slap Dee, Macky 2, Chef 187, Pompi, Mampi, Jay Rox, Roberto Zambia, Cleo Ice Queen, T-Sean, B-Flow, Daev Zambia, Yo Maps, and Dope Boys.

Zambian Music Awards and Achievements

Kwacha Music Awards

The Kwacha Music Awards are an annual event that celebrates the best Zambian artists and songs. The Kwacha Music Awards were established in 2017 by Sun FM, a radio station based in Ndola. The Kwacha Music Awards aim to promote and recognize the talent and diversity of Zambian music, as well as to encourage professionalism and excellence in the industry.

The Kwacha Music Awards have various categories, such as Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Newcomer, Best Collaboration, Best Album, Song of the Year, and many more. The winners are determined by a combination of public votes and a panel of judges. Some of the past winners of the Kwacha Music Awards are Yo Maps, Macky 2, Chef 187, Mampi, Pompi, Daev Zambia, and Dope Boys.

Zikomo Awards

The Zikomo Awards are another annual event that celebrates outstanding achievements across music, fashion, fitness, and humanitarianism. The Zikomo Awards were founded in 2018 by Zikomo Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports various causes and initiatives in Zambia. The Zikomo Awards aim to honor and inspire individuals and organizations that have made a positive impact on society.

The Zikomo Awards have different categories, such as Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Fashion Designer, Best Fitness Trainer, Best Humanitarian Organization, and many more. The winners are determined by public votes. Some of the past winners of the Zikomo Awards are Slap Dee, Cleo Ice Queen, Chishimba Kambwili, Abel Chungu Musuka, Natasha Chansa, and Esther Chungu.

International Recognition

Zambian music has also gained international recognition, thanks to some artists who have crossed borders and collaborated with other musicians from different countries and continents. For example, Roberto Zambia is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has worked with artists like Patoranking, Vanessa Mdee, Reekado Banks, and Mohombi. His songs, such as 'Amarula', 'Beautiful', and 'Contolola', have been played on various radio and TV stations across Africa and beyond.

Another Zambian artist who has made a name for herself internationally is Sampa The Great, a rapper and poet who is based in Australia. Sampa The Great has won several awards, such as the Australian Music Prize and the ARIA Award for Best Hip Hop Release. Her music is influenced by jazz, soul, gospel, and traditional Zambian sounds. Some of her songs are 'Final Form', 'Energy', and 'OMG'.

Cleo Ice Queen is another Zambian rapper who has achieved international fame. She was the first female rapper from Zambia to be nominated for the MTV Africa Music Awards and the Channel O Music Video Awards. She has also performed at various festivals and events, such as the Big Brother Africa finale, the Coke Studio Africa, and the Lake of Stars Festival. Some of her songs are 'XO Fever', 'Secure The Bag', and 'Don't Mind'.

Zambian Music Streaming Platforms and Downloads

Online Radio Box

Online Radio Box is a free internet radio service that offers a variety of Zambian music stations. You can listen to live broadcasts or browse through the playlists of different genres and artists. Online Radio Box also allows you to download the songs that you like for offline listening. Some of the Zambian music stations that you can find on Online Radio Box are Flava FM, QFM, Hot FM, ZNBC Radio 4, and Zambezi FM.


TuneIn is another free internet radio service that offers a variety of Zambian music stations. You can listen to live streams or podcasts of different shows and programs. TuneIn also allows you to download the songs that you like for offline listening. Some of the Zambian music stations that you can find on TuneIn are Joy FM, Radio Phoenix, Pow




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