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Logan Lewis

Books In Pdf Format Download Pyjama Day!

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Books in pdf format download Pyjama Day!

Once you complete your payment for a digital pattern, you will automatically receive two emails. One is a purchase confirmation/receipt, the second email contains a link to download your pattern files as well as the instructional guide book which has construction steps and all the other useful information you may need to make your own Paper Theory design.

The majority of our services and special events are livestreamed and are available here on our website, through our Facebook page, YouTube, on cable television, and by phone. Visit our Livestreaming page for more information and to download prayer books.

Download the free National Pyjama Day Certificate to give to children that participate in National Pyjama Day. You can also download the National Pyjama Day Portfolio Template which enables you to write about what happened during National Portfolio Day and add photos of the days events. For more information, please read the following: National Pyjama Day Foundation 350c69d7ab




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